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Zzleep my baby is Sleep consultancy for babies and kids, we offer advice and guidance for parents that struggle with the bed time and suffer sleep deprivation.


A Sleep Consultant has the expertise that you need to teach your children to sleep.

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Any questions related to any of my services

-If you need advice on how to sleep your baby.

-If you have problems or issues at sleep time, and you need guidance and someone to listen.

-If you need to reinstate naps.

-If you’re kid/baby wakes up through the night.

-If you need to move your kid/baby to his own bedroom.

-If you want to get rid of the dummy.


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Messages to Zzleep My Baby

"My Girl Gabriela didn't sleep well she woke up to 3 times in one night, she was already desperate she couldn't find what to do. I was always looking for tips online to see how I was doing wrong but just confused me more. Until I found Liliana's page through a video q one of the mothers had posted. When we started the routine q sent me right away, I started to see changes. The 2nd. Night Gaby slept her whole night and I couldn't believe it, she was happy. We're still working for q sometimes wakes up (by teeth) but regularly sleeps alone in her crib and all night. I'm eternally grateful for all the help. Liliana thank you for your advice. I'm a happier mother".............Giselle Albers-Nov 2017

"Thanks Liliana you did it again! We are following your sleep routine plan and since night one our daughter is sleeping all night from 7:30pm to almost 6am!! You are the best! God bless you and your family"...Mariana N-March 2017

"Thank you so much for all your help. I really appreciate your help you have done for us. You have solved the sleeping pattern of our girls.  So we went from waking up at any time of the night to none! Yes our girls were sleeping well from 2 months to 5 months and then a big  turn happened and started to wake up at any time of the night. Liliana went through their entire routine and she kept a similar routine and changed few little things around. Magic happen in 4 days and the girls started to sleep all the way through again. They also used to have a dream feed and now, we don't even need any. Which means the girls are now sleeping from 630pm to 6-630am. IT IS SO AMAZING TO BE ABLE TO SLEEP AGAIN THANK YOU THANK YOU THAN YOU''..............................Arel Genevieve

"After 8 months of walking and rocking for hours in attempt to get my twin girls to sleep, Liliana has given us the tools to teach the girls to fall asleep on their own and stay asleep. With slight adjustments to their routine and persistence they now happily go to bed without fuss and we are well on the way to having the girls sleeping through the night. Thank you Liliana" .......... Emma H