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Zzleep my baby is Sleep consultancy for babies and kids, we offer advice and guidance for parents that struggle with the bed time and suffer sleep deprivation.



Certified Sleep Consultant  & Member of Internacional Association of Sleep Consultants representing Australia and México

Lactation Consultant-Edulacta

Infant Massage instructor-Baby in Mind (Australia)



Born in México City, Mother of three Zelda (4), Inka (1) y León (0). Zzleep my baby began with the arrival of my first daughter Zelda, as a first time mum was excited for her arrival. When she was born I dedicated myself to care for her day and night, without any experience or help got the advice of one midwife and  I began to wake up and feed my daughter every three hours even when she was asleep, for months. My exhaustion and tiredness was extreme, as a result, Zelda got in to the habit of waking several times during the night and as she grew up the night waking’s were much more frequent, also It was not possible for her to sleep or resettle without being rocked or fed; more months passed and I began to suffer extreme sleep deprivation. I used to work full time and it was very hard to keep my concentration and complete my tasks while being so tired.


One day sitting at my desk exhausted and almost in tears, I decided to end this situation. I researched for help finding Sleep Sense that since that moment changed my life forever. Sleep Sense Methodology works with different gentle techniques. We applied the methodology and followed the sleep plan as close as we could and in less than two weeks we all were sleeping, Zelda learned to sleep on her own and self-settle.


In March 2015, I went on to achieve my certification as a registered and accredited sleep consultant, having learnt a huge amount from the technique’s creator, herself, so that I could help you to overcome your sleepless nights. Since then I have helped many families across the world (Brisbane, New Zealand, México, Nicaragua, Spain, USA, Switzerland, etc.).

Some of my skills as a sleep consultant include advice in  how to stop the use of the dummy, achieve early bed time, achieve full night sleep, stop visiting the parent’s bed, naps and off course I can work with twins and several kids at the same time.


If you happen to be experiencing any of these, please feel free to contact me for a free initial consultation. Remember there is nothing to lose and so much to win.

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Since the beginning of my journey as Sleep consultant I have completed the following certifications and courses:

·         Member of the International Association of Sleep Consultants

·         Safe Sleep by SIDS and KIDS Queensland Government.

·         Creating Good Bed Routines by Triple P Positive Parenting Program. Australia

·         Lactación Consultant by Edulacta-España.

·         Infant Massage Instructor by Baby In Mind Australia.


My family

My family

León Oscar the new addition to the family

León Oscar the new addition to the family



Developing Good Bedtime Routines  

Developing Good Bedtime Routines


Certificate: Parent Educator in Infant Massage May 2017

Certificate: Parent Educator in Infant Massage May 2017