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Zzleep my baby is Sleep consultancy for babies and kids, we offer advice and guidance for parents that struggle with the bed time and suffer sleep deprivation.

Long and constant Naps


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Long and constant Naps

Liliana Amaro


Before beginning with naps is very important to answer the following questions and have very clear that the naps will be predictable and constant once the night sleep has consolidated and without dramas. If your baby doesn’t sleep well during the night is a warranty that the naps will be occasional, with different duration, this means that won’t be  routine and your day will be difficult.


One solid night of sleep in babies from 0-3 months is when they sleep in 4 hr blocks, and if the baby is older than 4 months 6 hours is the Ideal sleep length and for babies from 6 months, 8 hrs or more.


The key questions are.

1. How many naps you baby need during the day?

2. What is the minimum duration of this naps?

You can check on our website the “Magic Sleep Table” this shows and an average of sleep length for the babies and kids up to 5 years.


If your nights are good but your day naps are all over the place, this is the right information that will help you to get on the right track to establish the predictable naps. Remember your baby is developing and sleep is needed it as eating. The parents need to learn that sleep for a baby is vital need at day and night.

How to achieve an effective nap

1. Put your child to sleep in the same place;

Putting your child to bed in a familiar place lets them know they are safe and that they are in a place where sleep is expected of them.


2. Before beginning the Nap create a relaxing and fresh atmosphere.

Is a very important cue for those babies that are more than 6 moths up to 4 years of age. Is advisable to close the curtains, put soft music, in hot places a Fan can work and temperature of 21°. Television is not advisable.

3. Put your baby to sleep in a Dark place.

This is very important if the nights of your baby are good nights, this is the key to stimulating the sleep during the day. Darkness activates the hormone called “melatonin”. Don’t worry if you cannot stay at home during the day, a jumper, the dark fabric can help you to block the light away from your babies face.

4. Create a predictable routine.

A short routine is advisable, will be the indication for your baby that is time to nap.


                               -8:00 breakfast

                               -8:30 play

                               -8:45 book-song

                               -9:00 put in cot awake

5. Wait a few minutes before intervening

If your baby makes a noise before completing 1 hrs nap, do not respond immediately, give him the chance to get back to sleep.


This are the 5 basic steps to achieve longer and constant naps, if you have any doubts or wish to implement a routine for your baby or toddler do not hesitate in contacting me to begging soon



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