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Zzleep my baby is Sleep consultancy for babies and kids, we offer advice and guidance for parents that struggle with the bed time and suffer sleep deprivation.

Feng Shui Advise


We have a variety of Services to help you family and make parenting fun.

Feng Shui Advise


Feng Shui Advise


Learn how to decorate and design your baby’s bedroom depending on his date of birth. Find out what his favorable directions are to promote good rest, learning and self-esteem. You will receive a written guide of the bedroom with areas and decorative elements you can use to create a harmonious environment.

*This advise is not a interior design service.

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The following information is requested:

  1. Baby’s birth date.
  2. Schematic sketch or floor plan of the bedroom including doors, windows and closets.
  3. Magnetic or geographic north reflected on the floor plan (taken with a compass).
  4. Photos or video of the bedroom.

You will receive:

  • Brief introduction to Feng Shui and the different schools involved.
  • Your baby’s personality analysis according to Chinese astrology, identifying those elements that can be beneficial and his favorable directions
  • Analysis and balancing of the bedroom with Compass school (8 cardinal directions) and BTB school (8 hopes or wishes)
  • Design and decoration suggestions, including:
  • Furniture placement to encourage better sleep, learning, concentration, etc.
  •  How to fix problems or flaws with energy flow.
  • What colors, elements, materials and textures to use in each area.
  • Symbolic images and elements that reinforce each of the areas.

Optional meeting via Skype (30 min) to go through the consultation to answer any questions. Follow up questions will be answered by e-mail during 3 weeks.

* Note: this is not a design project, only Feng Shui suggestions to be applied in design.