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Zzleep my baby is Sleep consultancy for babies and kids, we offer advice and guidance for parents that struggle with the bed time and suffer sleep deprivation.

Personalized Routine (L1)


We have a variety of Services to help you family and make parenting fun.

Personalized Routine (L1)

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zzleep my baby-01.png

Personalized Routine (L1)


The Personalized Routines consists in a 24 hrs Schedule specially created for your baby/child.


The recommended length of sleep, naps and feeding all tailored to your baby/child’s Age.


Having a routine sets a good pattern for the new life style that parenthood represents, you can get more organized during your day and night. Knowing the time of sleep, day naps and feeds that are the most important can help you to get more organized. The first years-children love to have routines as the same activities are cues that they soon learn.

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  • In the first Year of Age, the Routines have to be adjusted every 2-3 months due to the rapid baby's development and growth.

  • This service doesn’t include coaching on the implementation of the routine if you required Support or advice an additional service is recommended.